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Google launches a platform to train for job interviews

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Google launches a platform to train for job interviews

Would you like to receive suggestions to improve your answers in job interviews? What if these insights came automatically, based on the quality of your answer to the question previously selected by a team of recruitment and selection experts?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, know that, in short, this is the proposal of Interview Warmup, Google’s new free tool, which aims to train candidates for job interviews.

Released in May and available only in English, it is an excellent tool for anyone looking for a job abroad or who needs to improve their proficiency for some jobs that require English.

Did it draw your attention? Here’s a quick guide that will explain more about the platform:

The site’s artificial intelligence allows you to choose general questions

1 – Which professions does Interview Warmup cover?

When entering the website, the candidate must click on the “Start practice” button, and at that moment, it can choose one of the areas that are included in the Google Career Certificates program, which are:

  • Data Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • IT Support
  • Project Management 
  • UX Design

But don’t worry if you are applying for a position in a different role. The site’s artificial intelligence allows you to choose general questions about the candidate’s experience and what he expects from the position.

A round of questions consists of five questions, and the candidate can practice several times as there are many questions to practice.

2 – Who makes the questions?

It appears that recruitment experts selected the questions, and the program uses AI to choose the questions and present them to the candidates.

It is worth mentioning that candidates who choose Interview Warmup to train their answers can prepare themselves both orally and by typing.

With these two forms of training, Brazilians looking for positions abroad or who are applying for jobs with good proficiency in English have the opportunity to train in writing when typing, and pronunciation because when answering verbally, the program transcribes what is being spoken, so those insights are added at the end of the workout.

3 – How is the feedback?

After completing the answer, the candidate has access to Job-related terms, which are words related to the chosen position. This function is interesting to improve the candidate’s vocabulary in the area where it intends to work.

Besides that, it has the Most-used words, which identifies the words that were used more than three times throughout the answer. This feedback allows the candidate to know synonyms and increase one’s repertoire of words to reduce excessive repetitions.

Last but not least, there is also Talking Points that presents you with essential points that the candidate should address in that question to meet the expectations of a potential recruiter.

It is worth remembering that the site does not update any of its responses. These feedbacks are suggestions presented without changing what was written or said by the candidate in training.

If you are curious and want to check out this tool, click here.

Good luck with your next interviews!

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