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How to fix LinkedIn to catch the recruiter’s eye

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How to fix LinkedIn to catch the recruiter’s eye

You may know that this is a work network, but did you know that it is the largest professional network in the world? That’s right! We are talking about the Linkedin network, and within it, there are over 774 million users, and they are in over 200 countries around the world.

In other words, if you are here in Brazil and want to attract the eyes of international recruiters, you need to pay attention to 6 points in your profile:

1 – Profile picture

Surely you already know that the first impression is the last one, right? And if you don’t have an attractive profile picture!

The latest public survey by Linkedin in 2019 reported that profiles with photos receive 21 times more views, nine times more invitations, and 36 times more messages than profiles without pictures.

That is, you do need to worry about your profile picture. It needs to be attractive in a professional way. It is worth putting on clothes that comply with the dress code that you want to wear at work, and it is essential to pay attention to the environment in which the photo will be taken so that it is consistent with the position you want to attract.

Also, when you click on your profile picture, imagine you’re taking a photo for your dream company’s badge. This will brighten your eyes, and the camera captures those details well.

2 – Cover picture

It’s that picture behind your profile picture. For that area, it is worth choosing an image that contextualizes your work environment or represents the place you want to work.

Suppose you already have some time in your career. In that case, it is interesting to put a picture of yourself giving a lecture or being featured in an important event in a professional environment.

3 – Use the title wisely

Most professionals use the title to describe the position they are currently in. However, there is a more innovative way to use this network area.

Ever thought of writing an “elevator pitch” in the title? Then, take advantage of this space to show the recruiter (or whoever comes to your profile) why you are the right person to work where you want.

That way, the person accessing your profile will know your strengths immediately.

4 – Tell what moves you in your career

Use the about yourself part to tell storytelling that highlights the highlights of your career, what motivates you, the challenges you’ve faced, and what you’ve accomplished so far.

Using this session as a moving part, which demonstrates your personality in the text and brings examples of your trajectory, is a relevant point to help the recruiter get to know you better.

5 – What language to use?

If you are looking for a job abroad, it is worth putting together your resume in English. In this way, the chance of international recruiters to understand your professional trajectory and be interested in your profile is much greater, as English is well known around the globe.

In addition, you already demonstrate through the text your level of proficiency in English.

However, it is not a problem to leave your profile in Portuguese, but make it clear that you are looking for an international opportunity and are competent to do so.

6 – Talk to your co-workers

While working somewhere, remember to comment on Linkedin with your co-workers and cherish the recommendation you can write for them.

Exchanging recommendations on Linkedin shows the recruiter what those who work with you say about you. And they generally value their interpersonal skills concerning teamwork.

Getting a replacement may seem very difficult, but with patience, adjustments, and an attractive resume, you will go far in your career.

Now it’s time to open your Linkedin and adjust each of the 6 points covered in this article.

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