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Is the leadership of your company diverse?

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Is the leadership of your company diverse?

Leadership representation is essential for the company.

When you think about the C-levels of an organization, the usual thing to cross your mind is a group of white, heterosexual men over 40 years old. This image is disappointing because it shows us how many non-diverse concepts are still rooted in our society.

However, how do you overcome an archaic concept when you don’t know what it is? That’s why we believe that understanding the type of C-level representation in our collective consciousness is the first step to start changing it.

And precisely because of this, I would like to ask you who are reading this text: how is the composition of the C-level team in the place where you work? Whether you are occupying any position in the company, we hope there is some diversity in your organization’s leadership because it is essential for teams to feel represented, heard, and welcomed in the company.

Does investment in D&I really pay off for the company?

The Diversity Matters survey in Latin America, promoted by McKinsey in 2020, proved that leaders of companies committed to a diversity policy are better at fostering trust and teamwork.

This same study also shows that despite the link between diversity and corporate success, women and minority groups remain underrepresented in corporate leadership positions.

The study also shows that companies committed to diversity are 80% more likely to agree that their leaders promote trust and open dialogue and 73% more likely to report a leadership culture that promotes teamwork, which results in a more positive behavior of the employees.

And suppose you work at a company that seeks constant innovation. In that case, you need to know that 66% of employees who work at companies that value diversity report that their leaders promote innovation.

What if I don’t want to invest in diversity in leadership?

In this case, persisting in a leadership model that only contemplates a small group is insisting on a mistake that could lead your organization to close its doors. The world is adapting to a new reality that requires, above all, respect for others.

And this respect should not be limited to speech. It is necessary to act and implement DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) policies so that the organization’s members feel satisfied in performing their work in the best possible way for the public that the company serves.

And it can start in the selection process, but it shouldn’t stop there. Remember that diverse leadership is beneficial to everyone working in that organization.

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